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8 Years, 5 Months and 21 Days

I always respected and looked up to Jimmy. After all, he was my oldest brother and I was the youngest of the family. There are 8 years, 5 months, and 21 days age difference between us. Growing up with 6 kids in the family, there was a collection of experiences that made each of us who we are today and bond us together as a family.

I remember the bingo computer he designed and seeing his picture in the newspaper. Jimmy didn't like my parakeet because she was too chatty, and he often would cover her cage with a sheet to get her to stop talking. I remember he and Tom getting into a big spat. He could ski barefoot and would tinker with small boat engines. I remember him going off to college and feeling sad to see him go.

When I was older, I think I was in college at the time, we had a family reunion in Vail, Colorado. Jimmy and I went hiking up a mountain. I don't recall at what elevation I stopped my ascent but I did stop due to altitude sickness. I was amazed at Jimmy's steadfastness to continue to the peak as planned while I took a nap in the cool mountain air. What a wonderful experience napping on the mountainside in Colorado. I seemed so high above the world, and it was peaceful and untouched. It was a special moment to be able to share this day with my oldest brother.

Front row: Kathy, Tina, Karen, Bill Back row: Opa, Jimmy, Tom

Bill, Karen, Mary Jo, Jimmy, Louise, Tina, Tom

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