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Jim and the CloudnetSRE team: London

A Thank You

Thank you for your kind leadership and for sharing all those fascinating stories from the Bell Labs era.

You really left a mark and you’ll always have a special place in my Cloudnet days memories Jim.

-Luca (shammash@)

"Hunger for knowledge"

So many parts of my time in Cloudnet were influenced by Jim…

VPN protocols and reliability

CAM summit

Pub nights in the Victoria!

Fascinating talk on Frame Relay

I wrote about Jim's "Hunger for knowledge" in his perf once too; that's something I always admired when we worked together.


Warm Welcome

Jim was my first ever manager at Google... it took me a while to meet him, because on the day I joined, everyone was away having fun in Seattle!

It soon became clear that Jim was just the sort of legendary person I'd hoped to find at Google - telling us how all our problems had been solved at Bell Labs in the '60s, the stories about aeroplanes, the love of English pubs... I want to be like that when I grow up! :)

Jim gave me a great welcome to Google, and I wish him and all who love him peace and strength in the days to come.

-Andrew (amedworth@)

False Alarm

This was during one of the many false fire alarms after we moved to 6PS. The alarm went off and Jim, Miek, and I (Rüdiger) went outside and straight into the pub.

The pub was in the same building as 6PS but had better fire alarms. Jan, 2017.

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