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All the Small Moments

I can’t point to a specific memory that feels like it does any justice to the joy and love you’ve shared or the influence you’ve had – it exists in all the small moments, scattered throughout my life and its with me every day.

Newborn Shelley and Jim

You shared your interests, exposing us to all your favorite books, films and music; I found many of my favorite genres and stories among yours. You imparted your passion for learning and embrace of new ideas and technology, as well as the optimism of the potential they held for the future. You taught me to be brave and confident, encouraging me in gymnastics, taking me flying in the Cherokee, and letting me know it was ok to be different.

Summer fun by the pool

And I was – a girl who was fascinated by science (particularly anything related to space), who reveled in puzzles and loved science fiction. I remember sitting down to watch Star Trek together every week and how you made a point of introducing us all to the Star Wars trilogy. And, while Disney trips were, without doubt, my favorite family vacations – Kennedy Space Center was the highlight of many a trip to Florida because it was something more; it represented something real and awe-inspiring.

A girl who spent hours sitting in your lap, playing video games. And I remember them all, from Railroad Tycoon to MYST to Crash Team Racing, the hours spent unraveling puzzles, beating bosses or racing through cartoon landscapes were always ones I looked forward to.

A girl who was smart, strong and introverted – who didn’t feel like she fit in most of the time – but never felt pressure to be like everyone else because of you. You filled my childhood with adventure, real and imagined, and though I could never claim to be fearless, I owe my willingness to try new things – even when they scare me – to you.

Shelley and Jim

You were my role model and you believed in me; you have undoubtedly shaped my world, my perspective on life and the person I am today.

~ Shelley Kaufeld

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