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Jim and the CloudnetSRE team: Cambridge

Cloudnet Summit June 2016

Boston Duck Tours!

I remember us walking from the office to the take this tour as a big group and Jim being pretty excited about it :)

It was fun and funny - I remember it very fondly :)


Boston Waterfront

Along the Boston waterfront on our way to the duck tour!

I also have very fond memories of this trip. In particular I remember Jim sharing a story about a notable airplane landing where he was piloting.


Bunker Hill Monument

Jim took us to the Bunker Hill Monument.

We almost got lost on the way back. But a friendly lady stopped us from going down the "wrong street".


Team Bonding

I remember Jim nearly organised this entire trip on his own. It turned out to be a great people bonding experience and we had good discussions about the direction for the team.


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