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Memories of Our Time Together

Dear Jim,

First of all, our hearts and prayers go out to you. I know you have had this health struggle for many years. And through those times by your personal courage and fortitude you have been an awesome husband, father, grandfather and you have done many wonderful things. I salute you for that.

My memories of our time together are few and viewed from quite a distance of time. Your parents graciously hosted many family events when I was in grade school and junior high. Our age difference may not seem so large now, but back then, it seemed substantial. You seemed mostly a man with all the experiences and knowledge that transform us so quickly during that time of our lives and I was mostly a boy. So, you were a wonder to me.

Items that contributed to my amazement of you were the tic-tac-toe computer you built and that small round hydroplane at the cottage. To me, those were both just so far out of my league that it was even hard to comprehend that I might be able to do something similar someday.

Also at the cottage, I remember your dad driving the boat and you were water skiing, slalom. And then you stepped onto the water with one foot and then you stepped out of the ski entirely and zoomed around on your bare feet. Again, just so far beyond me and what I thought was possible.

And then you were gone, off to college probably. I think the next time I saw you was at your wedding to MJ.

Thank you for your contributions to the care of the cottage that made it such a nice place to visit and thanks for putting up with me, as just another one of “the kids” who were always getting in the way.

I pray that God will continue to bless you Jim, to give you the strength to continue to face this test. And to continue to bless you with the love you have found through your family and friends. And may you have the peace He promises that “transcends all understanding”.

Love to you and yours,

Bob Sausser

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