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Memories with My Big Brother

One of my earliest memories is when I was 6 years old. Jim was 12 at the time and I remember thinking "Wow, my brother is twice as old as me!" Silly I know, but then again, I was only in kindergarten right? Now that I think about it, I was called "silly" as in "silly Billy" more than a few times...

That was right about the time that he built a computer that played tic-tac-toe when he was in eighth grade. I think the top award until then was First Prize and they were so impressed that they created a Grand Prize for him! I still brag about it to this day! ;-)

Jim dad spent a lot of time with me playing sports. He was a very good athlete. I think his love of sports rubbed off on me. We both enjoyed playing baseball, football, and hockey early on. We would gather friends from the neighborhood for games. I recall that when there were skirmishes, he had my back. In high school we spent a lot of time boating and water skiing. Later in life, his focus was more on hockey while I turned to basketball and then later still, we both took up golf and enjoyed playing together and working on improving our skill level. He must have worked a little harder because he was tough to beat!

I enjoyed spending time with him whether it was sports or some other hobby like fixing an outboard engine or flying model airplanes. I learned a lot from him over the years and I have always been proud of him!

~ Bill Kaufeld

Jim Senior, Billy, Tommy, and Jimmy in front of a cement truck used to pour cement at the cottage.

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