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My Big Brother Jimmy

I have always thought that my big brother, Jimmy, was extremely bright. When we were in grade school, St Andrews Catholic School, Rochester, MI, Jimmy participated in a science fair his 8th grade year. He was always interested in science fiction and so his project to make a computer was right up his alley. And of course, he won 1st prize that year for building a computer that played tic-tac-toe and really worked. Genius! I have always looked up to him and wished that we could have been closer as adults. As a family, we have tried to arrange reunions at different locations around the country. Tom seemed to always be the organizer. One of our reunions took place in the Wisconsin Dells. Jimmy flew his airplane to bring his family to the reunion. During our stay he took anyone that wanted up for a flight. What fun that was and such a great experience. Memories that last forever.

Jimmy had a friend that needed hours in the air to complete his pilot’s license (if I remember correctly). He flew the plane as pilot with Jimmy as co-pilot into Michigan. It was the year my youngest son, Billy, broke his ankle, had surgery and was unable to do any of the summer fun stuff. Jimmy being the kind and giving brother, flew into Michigan picking up both myself and Billy and flew us to New Jersey to spend the weekend with the Kaufeld clan. Neither of us had ever experienced a cross country flight in a small plane before. Someday I would like to do that again. Such a thoughtful caring gesture that I will remember forever.

~ Kathy Bartley

Kathy, Tommy, and Jimmy

Kathy, Tommy, and Jimmy

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