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NYC Adventures: Hudson River tours, Broadway, and more...

We have very fond memories of time spent with Jim and your Mary Jo. We met with them both here in the UK but also in New York.

One of Chris’s lasting memories will be of your Dad flying him down the Hudson River in his plane (obviously before 9/11 put a stop to such adventures). I remember Chris coming home and telling me all about it. Needless to say I was extremely envious.

On another trip we met you parents in New York in a freezing cold January. I had flown out to meet Chris at the end of a week’ business trip. We all stood in line together in the bitter cold to get theatre tickets (we saw ‘The Producers’), and then Jim and Mary Jo took us to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Such a memorable evening.

The next day we went to the Metropolitan Museum together and discovered your Dad’s thoroughness in his museum going – he read every label on every exhibit!

Chris visited your home too, and remembered meeting McKenzie!

Our love and best wishes to you.

~Sue and Chris Smyth

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