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Reflecting on Past Memories

What a brave journey this has been Jim. Through the ups and downs of this cancer battle, you have been faithful to your family and your faith. You are such a strong force in your immediate and extended family, and I pray that you feel God’s blessings for that.

In reflecting on past memories, like my brother, the age gap seems to have brought few memories about you in my growing up. I do remember how enamored I was that you had a pilot’s license and could fly between New Jersey, Michigan, and Florida. Still, what I remember most is that you and your family were always so gracious, inviting, and hospitable in having our family over to the house or at the cottage especially—I just value those memories of family gathering with each other. So very thankful that the family worked hard at finding time to be together.

My fondest memory is that of your wedding with Mary Jo. It was my first wedding experience. I remember how shocked some people were that on the day of your wedding, you had breakfast with Mary Jo—you actually saw your bride on your wedding day before the wedding! Breaking the mold, setting a path—that seems to be you. At the ceremony we were all given candles, and after the ceremony we kids brought them outside. Some neighborhood kids came by and we showed them the candles—they thought that was pretty cool as we lit them outside the church.

Yet, the memory I will hold to most is having you reach out to me in my cancer diagnosis. You spoke bravely and pointedly of the lessons you learned, and encouraged me in them. You spoke of holding close to one’s faith—how thankful I am that we have that. Thank you for looking beyond yourself to see how God could use your experience for the encouragement of others.

Renae and I pray for all God’s very best for you and your family. Continued strength and courage as the battle continues. May God’s grace abound in such surprising ways for you all to experience.

Love, Paul Sausser

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