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Strength, Faith, and Family

I clearly remember the day Jim told me he was diagnosed with cancer. He would subsequently let me know what options were presented for treatment and what he chose to do. Jim never looked at the negative he only spoke of what he needed to do to get this behind him. I always saw Jim as a man of strength, faith and someone who would do anything for what meant most to him, his family.

He is one of only a couple of private pilots I ever met that I would be comfortable flying within true instrument conditions as he was so sharp and confident. We often worked together on his beloved Cherokee Six and had fun doing so.

One story I have told many times over the years to customers dropping an aircraft off and to avid bicyclists I run into is about Jim!

I will never forget one fall day Jim was dropping his aircraft off for maintenance and removed his bicycle from the plane. I asked him if he was going to ride around the airport. He told me no, he was going to ride the bike home, which if I remember correctly was thirty plus miles. I never had known anyone capable of such a task and thought he was joking but he most certainly was not. To my amazement he was on his way shortly and I had to tell everyone in the shop what just took place.

Jim is a real gentlemen, friend and someone we will never forget! Our prayers are with Jim and the rest of your family.

Best Regards,

Dave Healey

Jim's Piper Cherokee

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