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The Best Choice of My Professional Career

I remember the day well. It was the summer of 1993. Early that summer, I was hired as an engineering intern by the then VP, (Denis Sandow)? and he allowed me to work remotely.

Sometime in June while down in a little beach town called, Normandy Beach, NJ, I received a call from Jim introducing himself to me as my new boss. He said he would like to meet me in person and also that I had to make a choice....either work in the office with the rest of the company or go find a job elsewhere. It turned out to be the best choice of my professional career.

I spent about 6 years working for Jim and they were some of the most valuable. What a great mentor - I learned so much during those days. From making coding & testing at work somewhat fun, to spending overnights in the office meeting deadlines, to never stop learning new things, to willingly take on the shittiest tasks because someone had to do them, to use State Machines for virtually everything and overall just working as a team to win.

And I swear Jim was doing Agile development before there was such a thing. Overall, I was lucky to have Jim as my first boss and I try to share his lessons with everyone that works for me. One last nod to Jim... even though it seemed like we worked non-stop, we always had time for our Thursday afternoon golf outings.

This is a pretty funny picture and the only one I can find from those old Digitran/Faxsav days... Jim and Marcos were out of town on business or something and there was a photo shoot for the Executive team... There is me as the Engineering/Ops fill in... hahaha!

Marty (back row, right) and the executive team

~ Marty Marcinczyk

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