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What I Love About My Brother

What I love about my brother Jim is that you have always been a very active part of my life, even when you moved away to go to college and then on to life in New Jersey and eventually London.

I love that you and Mary Jo took the time to come to visit, to be at all of the reunions and to share your "girls" with us! Here is a cool picture of the family from Thanksgiving, 1989. McKenzie is missing as she was not born yet but all of the Kaufeld nieces and nephews are there, even Christopher (on Opa's lap). I am so proud to be the godmother of McKenzie as shown in this picture from 1990 that I thought you would also enjoy, and another of a visit you made a couple of years later to my house in Ann Arbor.

Kaufeld Family Thanksgiving, 1989

Karen, McKenzie (in Karen's arms), Jim, Mary Jo, and Jim Senior

McKenzie (in arms of) Jim Senior, Louise, Jennifer, Shelley, Jim, Mary Jo, Kim and Danny the dog visiting Karen in Ann Arbor

Backtracking to 1987 (according to the date on the picture) is one of my favorite memories. I believe it was during the Houghton Lake family reunion that you flew a bunch of us to Mackinac Island! I don't recall exactly who was in the airplane, but it was quite a thrill and unforgettable experience. I also recall flying from Michigan to New Jersey with you. It was just the two of us, but again, I don't recall why... I just remember my job was to be on the lookout for other airplanes! I did OK I think, just had a little nervousness here and there!

Jennifer, Shelley (in arms of) Jim, Kim, Billy (in arms of) Kathy, Jamie, Bob, Karen, Rob, Mary Jo circa 1987

Jump to recent years and my visits with you and MJ in London. So fun - and you always want to show me interesting markets, towns and castles. I still remember the first time you introduced me to "boot" sales. I couldn't figure out why you wanted to go to a boot sale until you patiently explained what it was.

Thanks for being such a great brother. (You were always #1 when Mom rang the bell for dinner, and you are still #1)

I love you!

~Karen Kaufeld (#5)

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